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Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts, former Foundation board member and Walk chair, was just entering menopause when the words “bladder cancer” left her in shock.  She went straight into surgery and then another to ensure that any residual cells were removed. A six-week treatment of the BCG drug followed and continued intermittently for three years.  

Maureen feels fortunate to have had the support of The Princess Margaret and will be walking with gratitude for the 14th time this year in The Weekend to Conquer Cancer.  “I will miss the community and the euphoria of walking through the finish line with my fellow teammates, Bibs and Marilyn, but we know that the why of this year’s walk is more important than ever.”  

Bladder cancer is the fifth most common cancer in Canada and has affected Maureen and her family in many ways. She will not stop until there is an end to all cancers, and neither will we. 

Join the Walk to Conquer Cancer.