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Every Walk has the potential to help save a life. 

Each step we take helps transform the way we look at cancer here in Canada and around the world. The funds raised directly support over 1,600 researchers and research staff at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre who show up each day and push the boundaries of cancer care.  
In fact, The Princess Margaret is home to several hundred “world-firsts” in cancer research thanks to your hardworking fundraising dollars.
2023 Impact Report
  • We revolutionized the world’s understanding of cancer.

  • We pioneered immunotherapy, a less toxic alternative to chemotherapy.

  • We developed a blood test with the potential to change how cancer is detected.

  • We are home to one of the world’s largest clinical trials programs.

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma used to be a death sentence. Then we discovered it was curable.

  • We save lives by finding new connections.

  • We find what can’t be seen.

  • Cancer is relentless. So is our pursuit of a cure.

  • We’re using A.I. to make real progress.

  • We can predict who will respond to immunotherapy.

  • We’ve helped people live longer – again and again and again.

  • We believed a pill could change breast cancer outcomes.

  • We use new tech to see cancer in a new light.

  • We have doubled some cancer survival rates.

  • World-firsts are in our blood.

  • We give more patients more hope.

  • The world sends their best to learn from us.

  • We are leading the world in caring for more than just the disease.


Join the Walk to Conquer Cancer.