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Whether you are walking individually or as a team, we are here to help.  

We’re all in it together and every step we take will support The Princess Margaret, one of the top five cancer research centres in the world. From fundraising to training to building your own team, we will be here for you from the moment you register to the moment you cross the finish line.

Your Personal Page
Customize your personal page by telling your story and why you have chosen to walk. Adding personal touches like photos, videos or memories can make a big difference in your funds raised. Remember, we are all Connected by Our Why!

Your Personal Fundraising Link 
Located on your personal page, your personal fundraising link is an easy way to share your goals with friends and family. You can share on all social networks and through email. Did you know that roughly 90% of all donations come from online support?

Your Support Team
The Walk support team is always ready to help you fundraise, train, create and grow your team. Give them a call whenever you need, they’ll be happy to help guide the way to event day.

Phone: 416-946-2031

Ready to step up?